102.9 FM

(Nov. 25, 2013)  With every ending there’s a new beginning.

After nearly 40 years, of identifying our local station as  CJ 1240,  an official change will take place
this Wednesday when a new fm signal will be added to the original am.  At about 1:02 p.m.
CJ1240 will become 102.9 CJAR.

CJ 1240 has been an important part of the community over the last four decades and plan
to continue to be that way, and as a way to say farewell to the name change only,
are happy to hold the CJ 1240 Celebration of Life.  As a way to provide an archive of
memories they want to collect and record some memories the public may have of the
stations broadcasts over the last near 40 years.  

Anything from helping you get through a long day of work to listening on snowing mornings hoping
for school closures. If CJ 1240 has impacted your life in anyway, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 623-1240,
send us an email at cjar@arcticradio.ca
or drop in and say hi.


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